Frequently Asked Questions

What age students do you tutor?

I have tutored students ranging in age from 9 – 19. I focus primarily on high school students, but am able to work with students in elementary and middle school.

What subjects do you tutor?

My specialty is working with students within their learning style, helping them discover their strengths and recognize their weaknesses. I stress the importance of study skills, managing time, managing materials, and managing ideas.

I have a degree in English and my tutorials most often concentrate on writing, reading comprehension, and content in literature and history.

I also tutor in Math through Algebra II and the sciences with less emphasis on the content and more emphasis on how the student learns in classes such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

My favorite process to work through with a student is the preparation of their College Essay.

I do some SAT prep if I have time in my schedule.

How often do you meet with students?

I most often meet with students weekly, however setting up tutorials depends very much on the student’s needs. I may tutor up to three times a week or as little as once a month. If I have worked with a student and we both agree they are ready to work on their own, I am always available on an as needed basis for that student.

Where and when do you meet with students?

I most often meet with Pingree students during their free period at the Pingree School.

I also meet with students after school at school, at a student’s home, at my home or at an agreed on locale (such as a local library or college).

In the evenings I can meet with students via Skype and Google Docs.

How will a parent know what is happening in tutorials?

At the end of every session I note what was accomplished in a tutorial log. These are not formal documentation, but touchstones for us to see how a student is progressing. I make these available to parents as a way of communicating their student’s progress.

What is the cost of a tutorial and how do I pay?

Please contact me to find out about exact rates. The charge is per session (the average session being 50 minutes). I bill monthly at the end of the month by sending an email with a log and invoice attached. You may pay by mailing me a check or by making a Pay Pal payment with a debit or credit card.

Can I cancel a session without being charged?

I request that cancellations be made with 24 hours notice. If the child is sick the day of a tutorial, I ask that I be emailed by 8:00 am. If I hear from the family by 8:00 am the day of the tutorial, you will not be charged.

Can I schedule a session with another student?

I strongly recommend that my tutorials be solely devoted to your child and their particular needs and learning style. For that reason I discourage session sharing. If in review for a test or exam your child wants to share a session with another student, I will hold the session, but each student will be charged the full price.