Liza brings enthusiasm, passion and great care to her work with students and through this develops both skill and confidence. Liza is particularly adept at cultivating the student's unique writing voice and breaking down significant assignments into manageable chunks. The result is a stress-reduced process and clear, concise and thoughtful student produced writing.

Polly Knowles, Mother of 2 students

My son has been working with Liza for almost a year. We have seen tremendous growth and change in his writing and study habits. Liza has helped him learn how to organize his thoughts and produce a well written paper. With new found confidence in his abilities, he works even harder!

Parent of a current student

We are very appreciative of the academic support and confidence Liza has given our son since freshman year. Liza has been a tutor at Pingree for many years and is very familiar with the curriculum and expectations of the school. Our son never misses his weekly class with Liza and says that she is helpful, understanding, positive and encouraging. We feel she knows our son well and whole heartedly recommend her.

Parent of a current student

Liza is fantastic!  She helps her students narrow down topic ideas and start a list of statements to build on. when beginning an essay.  She helps her students to stay focused on their goals and helps them attain them. I would highly recommend Liza. 

Diane Demoulas, Mother of 2 students

My daughter's writing evolved during her years at Pingree under Liza's tutelage to an honors level that would not have been possible without Liza. My son is a freshman at St. John's Prep and he has the luxury of Liza's intellect, professionalism and writing expertise in the privacy of our own home. Liza is a treasure and highly recommend her.

Gigi Gowdy, Mother of two students

Liza is supportive, disciplined and kind.  She was prompt in her advice, guidance and communication.   Our son is happily departing for college to a school community he feels great pride to be accepted to join.  He leaves feeling that he accomplished his high school aspirations and, for that, we are truly grateful to Liza and the support she gave to our family.

Wendy Tardrew Davis, Mother of a student

Working with Liza over my 4 years of Pingree was a great experience. Liza helped me dramatically improve all areas of my writing and kept me organized. Liza is an expert at the college essay and also served almost as I second advisor during my time in High school.

Cam, student

Working with Liza has been the most helpful experience of my life, she is an amazing person, who has helped me improve my writing ten fold. Not only did she help me organize and write my papers, but she taught me writing techniques, and was always available for extra help. Liza is a genuine and caring person who took the time to get to know me and my interests.

Michaela, Student

Math was my weakest subject but with Liza's tutoring I not only felt comfortable in the classroom but working on problems at home by myself became a breeze. Liza has a way of making you feel welcome, smart, comfortable and confident, a combination of traits that are hard to find in most people. She not only helped me with my math skills but with my overall self confidence . . .

Dana, Student

Liza’s goal was to truly have me succeed in my worst subject no matter how many times she had to explain it to me. What I still remember to this day is her kindness and her amazing ability to actually have me start enjoying my most dreaded subject. I would recommend Liza to all struggling students who need a quality and compassionate tutor.

Kerry, Student

As a tutor Liza was there for me. Liza's devotion to me, and all of her students was like nothing I had ever seen. She truly cared for each and every one of us.

Zack, Student

Liza recognizes that students' learning styles vary, and her ability to accommodate to my unique and sometimes time-consuming process was immensely helpful. By presenting real world applications, Liza's approach incentivizes students to take a genuine interest in the learning process.

Ben, Student