Summer Tutoring

Integrating Learning

The summer months should be filled with new opportunities outside the classroom doors. As you prepare for a summer filled with opportunities and new experiences, consider integrating learning with less structured days. The summer months are a perfect opportunity for your child to review and solidify what they have learned in the year past, and preview skills they will need in the year ahead.

Summer Tutorial Scheduling

Summer days should be flexible and less structured. Plan ahead now as to how you will integrate summer tutorials. Once a week at the same time may be the best fit, but perhaps there is another rhythm that would work best for your child.

I am always prepared to lead your student through an interesting and engaging tutorial session. Sessions can be scheduled in your home, my home , or at a local library. All sessions are fifty minutes in length.

Another option for summer tutorials is an on-line video session. It is a good way for your student to remain connected even when they are not in the area.

You will be billed at the end of the month and will receive a copy of my tutorial logs.

College Essay Prep

The best time to write a college essay is the summer before senior year. Set aside time during the summer months to write a compelling personal piece for the applications ahead.

Sessions Recommended: 6

Summer Reading Support

Your student’s reading comprehension is always enhanced by interaction and discussion. Summer time allows more freedom in vocabulary attainment. It is the perfect opportunity to focus in on these areas.

Sessions Recommended: 6

Math Skills

Summer can be the ideal time to examine areas of fundamental math, to be sure that your student is building on a solid math foundation, as well as a good time to preview the math concepts for the year ahead.

Sessions Recommended: 6